Student Research Spotlight Michael Paul

Michael Paul is a molecular biophysicist studying a large protein group called receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs). RTKs reside within cell membranes and moderate cell-to-cell communications, and they control cellular processes such as growth, movement, and metabolism. RTKs are important for healthy cells, but often malfunction in unhealthy cells, like in cancer. With his mentor Kalina Hristova, Michael wants to understand how RTKs function in healthy cells. Aided by this understanding, researchers will be better able to identify why unhealthy cells are not working properly — and possibly how to fix them.

Michael Paul is a sixth year PhD candidate at INBT and in the Thomas C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.
Kalina Hristova is an INBT core faculty member and a professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the Whiting School of Engineering.


Story and Video by Gina Wadas