This resource page provides guidance to the Institute for NanoBioTechnology’s community. We will add content as it becomes available.

Important contacts

The INBT staff is working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the contacts below for the following specific needs. Email addresses can be found here.

  • Main Phone Line: Danielle
  • Facilities Requests: Danielle and Ada
    Send facilities requests to Danielle and Ada
  • Deliveries: Ada
    This is yet to be worked out by central. Ada is triaging until until further guidelines are implemented.
  • Shopping Carts: Jon and Ada
    Jon is providing assistance on how to track and cancel items. Send questions Jon and cc Ada.
  • Reimbursements/Bills: Danielle and Carla
    We have just changed to the Concur platform. Requests about reimbursements, training, etc. should go to Danielle and Carla.
  • Labs/Lab Questions: Christine and Ada
    Christine is working directly with lab captains and safety captains on their needs/questions with Ada as backup.
  • Group emails – Gina, Danielle, and Ada
  • J-card/Access – Jon and Ada
    These will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Helpful links

You can find a compiled list of resources on the Whiting School of Engineering’s website.