The Institute for NanoBioTechnology collaborates with major industry partners to offer a Cooperative (Co-Op) Education program for incoming masters of science in engineering (MSE) students. The program provides MSE students career training while employed for six months where they gain work experience, network, and build technical and non-technical skills that prepares them for a competitive job market. Students receive a salary from the company while employed and college credit for completing the requirements.

Students will have a research mentor at the sponsoring company and a faculty advisor in their home department. The research mentor and faculty advisor will help the students with the developed goals and objectives established by the sponsoring company. Students must establish a faculty advisor in their academic department and meet with them every six weeks for progress updates.

At the internship’s completion, students present an essay about their research experience with the company, which must be approved by their department and research mentor. For students in the materials science and engineering program, a journal publication can be submitted in lieu of an essay. Please contact the department for more details.

  • Practical training to fulfill part of the MSE requirements in lieu of completing a research essay on campus. 
  • Obtain industry experience with a leading company and a broad technical background in disciplines such as operations, pilot plants, safety and environmental management, or regulatory affairs.
  • Financial compensation and college credit.
  • The INBT acts as a liaison to connect students with the industry partner.
  • Still unsure how a co-op can advance your career? Watch this video to learn more.

New or existing master’s students majoring in materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical and biomolecular engineering. Not all of our industry partners can accommodate international students. However, we have had many international students successfully complete the program. 

Send the following materials to

  • A cover letter. It must include an explanation as to why you are interested in the program and a summary on your research experience.
  • Resume (not a CV).
  • Two professional reference letters.

Applicants are interviewed and evaluated by the INBT program committee members first. Qualified applicants will then move to the interview and evaluation stage with our external partners. The company reserves the right to accept or reject candidates.

Students are permitted to find and apply to Co-Op opportunities outside of those listed. Some opportunities listed (Regeneron, GSK, and BMS) require that students apply to the companies directly, which often have different deadlines than those listed here. If you would like to apply to a Co-Op opportunity not listed below or apply to one that requires applying directly to the company, contact the Director of Corporate Partnerships for further instructions and information.


Eligible students can contact us for access to the up-to-date list of available co-op opportunities.

Chemistry R&D Co-Op for a multinational pharmaceutical company

– Hands-on laboratory work, performing studies, and developing test methods and fixtures
– Generating models and drawings in SolidWorks
– Crafting and evaluating prototypes

Analytics Co-Op for a multinational pharmaceutical company

– Data collection, analysis and applicatino of machine learning techniques to derive insights
– Build analytical applications that work with large data sets
– Research, pilot, and implement proprietary platform across multiple business units

Biologics Drug Discovery Co-Op for a large biotech company

– Leverage high throughput antiody production techniques and a combination of antibody characterization assays for developability and biding to help generate large datasets
– Help to curate and optimize data for easy access, deep analysis, and AIML modeling

Mechanical Engineer Co-Op for a local manufacturing company

– Design and create conduction-cooled components
– Perform thermal simulations to ensure proper cooling of PCB assemblies

Engineering Co-Op for a regional manufacturing company

– Perform engineering functions including engineering design documentation, product and process improvements, manufacturing support, and design validation
– Create new parametric 3D models, assemblies and 2D drawings in Autodesk Inventor


Send interest statement, resume, and recommendation letters two to three months before start date.


Interview with INBT staff. If accepted, you will be matched with a company and your application packet will be sent to them for review. The company may choose to interview you as well.

Offer and Advisor

If the company makes you an offer, you have to identify a Hopkins advisor in your department and request that they advise you during the co-op program.


Meet with your Hopkins advisor and company mentor every six weeks to ensure appropriate project and educational progress.


After you completed the co-op and courses have concluded, submit and present (if applicable) your final essay.

You may contact us at