Hai-Quan Mao

Headshot of Sashank Reddy. He has short, salt and pepper hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a gray suit jacket, white button down dress shirt, and black tie.

Sashank Reddy

Associate Director

Ada Simari

Senior Administrative Director

Terri Ware

Administrative Coordinator

Carla Dodd

Grants and Contracts Manager

Pedepo Cadmus

Senior Grants and Contracts Analyst

Tim Allgire

Senior Grants and Contracts Analyst

Jon French

Grants and Contracts Analyst

Jason Sturgill

Budget Analyst

Sulaiman Jenkins

Director of Academic Programs

David Lee

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Gina Wadas

Science Writer
Headshot of Risa Hagigal in a white square neck dress in front of a flowering white tree

Risa Hagigal

Teaching Lab Coordinator