Headshot of Hai-Quan Mao. He has salt and pepper short hair and is wearing square, black framed glasses. He is also wearing a blue and white horizontal striped shirt, dark blue tie, and gray suit jacket.

Hai-Quan Mao

Headshot of Sashank Reddy. He has short, salt and pepper hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a gray suit jacket, white button down dress shirt, and black tie.

Sashank Reddy

Associate Director
Headshot of Carla Dodd. She has light skin, chin-length brown hair, and is wearing a sleeveless black and white stripped dress. She is standing in front of brick building and purple azalea bush in bloom.

Carla Dodd

Senior Administrative Manager
Headshot of Terri Ware. She is wearing a multi-color floral print top, large, and sea foam green earring and necklace. She had She is standing in front trees filled with green leaves and a red brick building.

Terri Ware

Administrative Coordinator
Headshot of Gina Wadas. She has chin length brown hair and green eyes. She is wearing a v-neck black shirt and and silver chain around her neck.

Gina Wadas

Communications Associate
Headshot of Johnny Moseman. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and light-colored skin. He is wearing dark, square rimmed glasses and a plain button down collared shirt. He is standing in front of a large lawn and brick building in the background.

Johnny Moseman

Communications Specialist

Sulaiman Jenkins

Director of Academic Programs
Headshot of Risa Hagigal in a white square neck dress in front of a flowering white tree

Risa Hagigal

Teaching Lab Coordinator
Headshot of David Lee. He is wearing a brown tweed coat over a cotton v-neck sweater and white button down dress shirt. He has dark hair, dark color eyes, and is wearing square framed glasses. There is a red azalea bush behind him.

David Lee

Director of Corporate Partnerships
Headshot of Aliya Sharp

Aliya Sharp

Budget Analyst

Jon French

Grants and Contracts Analyst
Headshot of Tim Allgire. He has light skin and short hair and is wearing a blue and white plaid pattern dress shirt. He is standing outside with a brick and marble building in the background and a tree starting to bloom in the spring.

Tim Allgire

Senior Grants and Contracts Analyst
Headshot of Ashely Moore. She brown eyes, dark skin, and long hair. She is wearing a dark blue blazer over a dark blue button down blouse. She is also wearing gold hoop earrings and gold braided necklace. She is standing in front of a terra cotta and blue background.

Ashley Moore

Senior Administrative Coordinator to Hai-Quan Mao and Sashank Reddy