The Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology is an exceptionally diverse, multidisciplinary team of faculty, researchers, and student experts uncovering new knowledge and creating innovative technologies at the interface of nanoscience, engineering, and medicine. Its unique research model fosters a collaborative environment that encourages engineers, scientist, and clinicians to pioneer new ways to solve some of the most complex challenges in healthcare and the environment.

Engineering for Cancer Therapies

Cancer is a complicated disease. To address this worldwide problem, researchers study the disease from an assortment of angles to understand its structure and mechanisms in explicit detail. Learn more.

Stem Cells and Regenerative Engineering

Repairing injured and diseased tissues is a complex, methodical process. While the body is proficient at tissue repair, sometimes the severity of certain diseases and injuries is beyond the body’s reconstruction capability. Learn more.

Diagnostic Tools Engineered for Early Detection

It is no secret that time is an important variable to effectively treat diseases. The earlier diseases are diagnosed the earlier treatment can begin. Delays in diagnose can have grave effects on patient outcomes. Learn more.

Affiliate Researchers

Alexander Spector
Pablo Iglesias
Douglas Robinson
Alan Stone
William Ball
Ru Chih Huang
Ted Dawson
Dan Reich
Michelle Rudek-Renaut
Joel Bader
Stuart Ray
Ben Ho Park
Jonathan Schneck
Jay Bream
Gregory Bowman
Nitish Thakor
Yoshinori Kato
Arvind Pathak
Peter van Zijl
Joelle Frechette
Steven An
Ahmet Hoke
Jennifer Elisseeff
Justin Hanes
Howard Katz
Aleksander (Sasha) Popel
Yiider Tseng
Kathy Burns
Owen McCarty
Guanshu Liu
Lloyd Miller
Joshua Doloff
Jamie Spangler