Corporate participation at INBT ensures that emerging technologies moves from laboratory to the marketplace, as well as provide a vehicle for open exchange between Hopkins researchers and students with their counterparts in industry. INBT seeks to work with established and newly-formed companies to transfer Hopkins-created technologies to market and provide Hopkins expertise to solve industry challenges.

Our corporate partners play a crucial role in helping INBT research teams define objectives and identify barriers to commercialization of new technologies. These collaborations support the creation of new products for end-users and can be critical to the development of techniques for large-scale manufacturing processes.


Corporate Partnerships are created through a negotiated agreement and the payment of a membership fee based on the number of company employees. Members receive numerous benefits designed to enhance the flow of knowledge and interaction between the company and INBT.


The Corporate Affiliate Program establishes a framework to facilitate interactions with companies interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with INBT. Membership benefits include:

  • Facilitated access to more than 200 INBT research groups across Johns Hopkins University.
  • INBT’s Director of Corporate Partnerships acts as a liaison to facilitate communication and collaboration between Partners and INBT affiliated faculty. Partners are connected to faculty with expertise that aligns with their interests so that collaborative arrangements can be developed.
  • Privileged opportunities to meet with INBT students.
  • INBT Corporate Partners can meet students at various functions such as the Annual NanoBio Symposium and poster session, seminars, workshops, and social events. Partners also may access INBT’s student resume database to enhance their recruiting efforts. In addition, we will work to establish internship programs tailored to our Partners specific needs.
  • Exclusive training, networking, and use of INBT facilities.
  • Corporate Partners have priority registration for and a discount on the cost of any INBT-sponsored short courses, workshops, or seminars. Corporate Partners may arrange to use INBT associated facilities and equipment.
  • Partners have free access to browse a frequently updated database of technology available for licensing or commercialization through the Johns Hopkins Office of Technology Transfer. Corporate Partners may request that INBT notify them of any technologies relevant to areas of particular research interest.



In addition to membership benefits, INBT Affiliate Partners can also establish enhanced collaborations with Johns Hopkins faculty and students associated with the Institute. These include Corporate-Sponsored Graduate Research Fellowships and Corporate Research Contracts which may be tailored to specific requirements and are negotiated as separate agreements. Both offer unique opportunities for our Partners to take advantage of the unique capabilities at INBT and to achieve mutually desirable objectives.


With a Corporate-Sponsored Graduate Research Fellowship, a Corporate Partner provides gifts of tuition and stipend in support of an INBT affiliated student seeking either pre-doctoral or postdoctoral training. Considered a gift, the fellowship needs to meet minimum guidelines in order to be supportive of INBT’s educational philosophy. The Partner may participate in meeting potential fellowship recipients before the sponsorship is awarded, and may, at the Partner’s option, have ongoing interaction with the sponsored student. In addition, the Partner may negotiate optional research internships with fellows on a case-by-case basis. Any intellectual property generated by the corporate research fellow remains the property of the student and Johns Hopkins University.


Corporate Research Contracts allows the highest level of interaction between the Partner and INBT faculty. Under this arrangement, corporate partners agree to fund a pre-doctoral student or postdoctoral fellow to conduct an exclusively-sponsored research project in collaboration with INBT affiliated researchers.

Research programs shall be jointly developed with objectives that mutually benefit all parties. Vesting of rights to intellectual property resulting from the research will be subject to the terms established by the Contract.

Collaboration through joint research efforts enables Corporate Partners to participate in the preparation of joint grant proposals. Proposals and invitations for participation can be initiated either by INBT affiliated faculty or by the Corporate Partner and are an outstanding way to leverage resources and to participate in setting research direction.

As part of the Corporate Research Contract, the Corporate Partner can develop tailored internships for the student working on the joint research effort. Such internships will provide a significant learning opportunity for INBT affiliated students for the Corporate Partner, beyond the value of the work performed by the intern, such a program allows unparalleled opportunities to evaluate a student as a potential permanent hire.