Jamie Spangler receives NSF Early CAREER Award

Headshot of Jamie Spangler. She has shoulder length straight brunette hair and light color eyes. She is wearing a black blazer and gold hoop earrings and is standing. A blurred laboratory setting is in the background.

Jamie Spangler, the William R. Brody Faculty Scholar and assistant professor in the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and INBT affiliate researcher, is a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Early CAREER Award, which recognizes early stage scholars with high levels of promise and excellence.

Spangler’s research focuses on redesigning naturally occurring proteins and engineering molecules to overcome the shortcomings of existing medications and therapeutics. Her CAREER project, “Engineered multi-specific antibodies to interrogate and manipulate immune checkpoint protein trafficking,” is aimed at creating new molecular tools to study and influence the dynamics of immune cell surface proteins.