INBT Research, Faculty, And Staff Featured In Winter 2022 Engineering Magazine

Tissue Engineering: The Future is Here

Imagine if after a serious accident, your damaged facial bones could be replaced with tissue made by your own cells. Or if you could pop a pill that could reprogram your immune system to fight a chronic disease, freeing you from a lifetime of medications. While both prospects sound futuristic, scientists and engineers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere are working toward these and other advances in tissue engineering.

Targeting the Mechanisms of Metastasis

By launching AbMeta Therapeutics, a startup aimed at developing anti-metastatic therapies based on engineered antibodies, Denis Wirtz has served as a real-life example of the high value that Johns Hopkins places on entrepreneurship.

Tech Tools: Less Costly Couriers

A new particle assembly technology created by Johns Hopkins engineers in partnership with experts from a biotechnology company is making it easier and more cost-efficient to produce viral vectors: engineered viruses that have been used to modify therapeutic cells to treat congenital and acquired diseases.

My Other Life: Feeling Strong

As a professional communicator, Amy Weldon understands the proverbial power of the pen — how choosing just the right word or phrase can not only educate and inform but also change minds and hearts. But Weldon is equally conversant with a different kind of power — one that comes from putting her body to the test lifting weights as heavy as 415 pounds.