INBT Research, Faculty, and Staff Featured in Summer 2021 Engineering Magazine

Person in blue lab coat and purple nitrile gloves in front of lab bench. They are photographing materials on their lab bench.

Getting the Drop on Better Health

Through his many advances in microfluidics, Jeff Wang is making it quicker, easier, and cheaper for clinicians to identify infectious pathogens and diagnose diseases earlier.

Three Elected to the National Academy of Inventors

Three members of the Whiting School’s faculty were elected as fellows of the National Academy of Inventors, a distinction that recognizes and honors  creators of outstanding inventions that have made a difference in society.

Certifying Sustainable Practices

Graduate research assistant Ryan Weeks was shocked by how much energy could be saved with only minor adjustments to lab procedures after he brought the My Green Lab sustainability certification program to the lab of Marc Ostermeier.

A Better Tool for Treating Solid Tumors

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos and a team of researchers are creating a diagnostic tool and method for predicting breast cancer metastasis by looking instead at the tumor cell phenotype.