I’ll Have the 3D-Printed Ribeye, Please

Headshot of Jochen Mueller. He is wearing a white button down collared shirt and standing in front of a white and gray background.

Excerpt from the Johns Hopkins Spring 2023 Magazine.

Jochen Mueller’s lab develops novel manufacturing solutions, allowing for speedier production and the creation of new materials, structures, and devices. As co-founder of Mooji Meats, the assistant professor in the Whiting School’s Department of Civil and Systems Engineering turns an eye to the alternative protein industry. Moving beyond the plant-based ground meats of Impossible Burgers and Beyond Beef Crumbles, Mooji’s unique 3D printing process—involving 200 rapid-fire pea-and-soy-protein-spewing nozzles in a single printhead—allows for the manufacturing of plant-based steaks that look and taste like the real thing, down to the marbling of the filet.