Meet and Greet with Nature Communications Editor Doaa Megahed

November 15, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Demystifying Scientific Publishing from the Perspective of a Researcher Turned Professional Editor

Registration for this virtual event is required. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants the day of and the morning of the event. 

Join us for a virtual meet and greet with Nature Communications editor Doaa Megahed. Doaa will discuss the publication process at Nature journals and Nature Communications in particular. During the session the audience can ask questions about the editorial process, what it’s like to be an editor, and more.

In preparation for the event, the guest speaker has a survey for attendees to gather their interests and insights about scientific publications.

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Doaa Megahed (aka Douaa Mugahid) has been an Associate Editor at Nature Communications since September 2020, where she handles computational and systems biology-related papers. Prior to that she was a post-doc at the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School, where she used a variety of methods to understand the role of YAP as a regulator of non-cell autonomous signaling in the liver and in cultured cells. As a graduate student at Heidelberg University and the Max Delbrueck Center in Germany she studied how hibernating bears avoid the loss of muscle mass. She was part of the inaugural class of Heidelberg University’s Master’s program in Systems Biology, and has been a member of the systems biology community ever since. She continues to serve science by advocating for papers that advance human knowledge, democratize scientific research, and improve scientific reproducibility.

Megahed is passionate about education and mentorship, which is why she serves as COO of Maqal 3elmy, an initiative that makes science accessible to the Arab world through pop-science pieces. She also volunteers with the Journal of Emerging Investigators. In this capacity she coordinates their Ask-A-Scientist program through which students get to ask questions related to science and the publication process. She is also one of JEI’s proofing editors, and an occasional reviewer.

When not doing any of the above Megahed enjoys reading, traveling, spinning, running, crafting and upholstering old furniture.