INBT Seminar – Sangmoo Jeong

January 14, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
JHU Homewood campus, Shaffer Hall, Room 300

“Engineering Platforms for Investigating Cancer Biomarkers: Exosomes and Metabolism”

Sangmoo Jeong’s research is mainly focused on developing a novel analytical platform, termed hyperpolarized micro-NMR, to study metabolism in clinically relevant models, such as organoids or stem cells. Using the in-house 3D printer and microfluidics, he has also been developing a NMR-compatible micro-bioreactor system to monitor metabolic changes in cancer cells in real time.

Cancer cells change their phenotypes, proliferating in otherwise healthy environments. Jeong has developed sensitive analytic tools to identify cancer biomarkers and to develop diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Jeong will discuss his two novel engineering platforms which are significantly beneficial for analyzing cancer exosomes and metabolism: iMEX (intergrated Magneto-electrochemical EXosome sensing) and HP micro-NMR (HyperPolarized micro Nuclear Magnetic Resonance sensing). This seminar will also feature a discussion surrounding his independent lab’s interdisciplinary research directions.