Breast Cancer Awareness Month: October 2021

Every year in October, in states across the US, people splash pink across clothes, banners, buildings, and more to bring awareness to the annual breast cancer health campaign. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States. By understanding the mechanisms of breast cancer, researchers may be able to identify preventative strategies to improve patient outcomes, which is important since about 90% of cancer related deaths happen when cancer reaches the metastatic stage.

Award to Help Commercialize Technology that Predicts Cancer Metastasis

Researchers and clinicians don’t fully understand why some cancers spread and others do not. What they do know is that when cancer does metastasize, it dramatically decreases survival rates. If physicians could predict the likelihood that primary tumors will metastasize, they would be able to choose the best treatment options for patients.

Daniele Gilkes Helps to Establish Breast Cancer Research Advocacy Program

The Johns Hopkins Breast Research Advocacy Program inspires and empowers individuals with breast cancer to become research advocates who can understand and inform the bench-to-bedside process through collaborative partnerships with scientists, researchers, and clinicians at the Johns Hopkins Women’s Malignancies Group and beyond.