A Retirement Farewell

The past 10 years as the Director of Corporate Partnerships at INBT have been a wonderful capstone to a lifetime of engineering activities, and it is with mixed emotions that I retire. Over the past half century as a chemical engineer, I was fortunate enough to experience many facets of working in the commercial sector. I developed and scaled up technologies, designed, built, and operated manufacturing sites (and, sadly enough shut them down), set business strategies, worked with clients and customers, and traveled the world making many connections and friends. Lois, my wonderful wife of 50 years, taught me the vital skills of being more than an engineer, and she and my family provided the emotional backstop that gave me confidence to have a successful career.

Being at Hopkins allowed me to return to my alma mater and work with a world-class group of faculty members – engineers, scientists, clinicians – researchers, as well as with a phenomenal group of students. On the one hand, I was able to build robust bridges between the academic and commercial worlds, and on the other, I was privileged to be immersed in the special academic culture that Hopkins and INBT provide. Additionally, I hope I was able to bring value to INBT’s unique multidisciplinary approach to research and education, and to enrich the experience that our students aspire to achieve.

Throughout my career, I always believed that the connections and friendships that we make are perhaps the most important measures of personal success. I treasure my Hopkins friends and the colleagues with whom I worked over the years. While I am leaving my role at INBT, I plan to support Hopkins, the Institute, and their community in the future. As much as I enjoy reflecting on past memories, I also look forward to new adventures, and I enthusiastically hand over the reins to our next Director of Corporate Partnerships, Luke Thorstenson.

Story by: Tom Fekete