2021 Nano-Bio Report

The Nano-Bio report is a combination of an annual report and magazine that includes engaging stories along with data that highlights  the INBT’s research, education, translation, and outreach accomplishments. We thank everyone who contributed to the 2021 edition and encourage comments and feedback from readers.

“As the world and the INBT community entered 2021, and the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone continued to adapt to the ever-changing environment as the virus spread and mutated. We understand that people are exhausted and fatigued from balancing professional and personal priorities while trying to stay safe and healthy. Above all, we prioritize our community’s health and safety as we work during these challenging times. Despite the challenges, the INBT has many success stories and new developments we are excited to share in the 2021 Nano-Bio Report,” said Sharon Gerecht and Hai-Quan Mao in their Directors’ Letter.