Carla Dodd Promoted to Senior Administrative Manager

Headshot of Carla Dodd. She has light skin, chin-length brown hair, and is wearing a sleeveless black and white stripped dress. She is standing in front of brick building and purple azalea bush in bloom.

Carla Dodd, The Institute for NanoBioTechnology’s grants and contracts manager, was promoted to senior administrative manager. Dodd joined the INBT in 2016 as a grants and contracts analyst and has played an integral role in growing the INBT’s research portfolio the last seven years. As INBT’s portfolio grew, so did the finance team, and Dodd was promoted to senior grants and contracts analyst and eventually grants and contracts manager in 2020.

Dodd attributes her interest in the position and career change to her former supervisor and INBT’s senior administrative director, Ada Simari, now administrator in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She says Simari was a patient mentor willing to show her the bigger picture and how all the sub-departments fit together. Dodd found new interest in that perspective.

Dodd is excited to lead the INBT staff  because they are a close community with a positive culture that has built a reputation for their high standard of service they provide the faculty and students. Even during tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic the team kept that high service bar, which brought the team closer together.

“The COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of new challenges for everyone. The team really supported one another, and we worked together to solve problems even when the problems didn’t pertain to our particular job duties. Those tough times brought us closer,” said Dodd.

While Dodd is acclimating to the new responsibilities and learning all the administrative and operational duties, she plans to keep the INBT on an upward trajectory and sustain the strong customer service name that the INBT staff is known for.

“The INBT is on a good trajectory, and I am excited to be at the helm to keep it going,” said Dodd.