Headshot of Deok-Ho Kim against a light blue background. He is wearing a dark blue sweater vest over a blue plaid button down shirt. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and is wearing glasses.

Deok-Ho Kim

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My laboratory research leverages recent advances in human pluripotent stem cell biology, tissue engineering, and microfabrication to create microphysiological systems that recapitulate human physiology to understand the molecular basis of human disease and/or the effectiveness of diagnostic markers and therapeutic intervention for disease treatment. Through the use of multi-scale biofabrication strategies in combination with human pluripotent stem cell technologies, my research focuses on the development of human organs- and tissues-on-a-chip platforms for disease modeling, drug screening, and precision medicine. Using these platforms, my research also explores the interplay between biochemical signaling and mechanics in cell differentiation and morphogenesis that are essential for development, disease, and regeneration. The overall goals of my research program are to better understand complex cellular behavior in response to microenvironmental cues in normal, aging and disease states, to gain new mechanistic insights into the control of cell-tissue structure and function, and to develop multi-scale regenerative technologies for improving human health.