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Nano-Bio Magazine is the annual publication of Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology.The magazine serves as a program for INBT’s annual research symposium with an agenda and bio sketches on the speakers slated for that day. But it also serves as a comprehensive introduction to the Institute’s research efforts in the areas of engineering, medicine, public health, and the basic sciences.

The purpose of the magazine is to inform and enlighten all readers with an interest in nanobiotechnology both within and outside of the Johns Hopkins community.

The theme of each magazine centers around the topic of the annual symposium, but the stories and images reach far beyond that initial focus. Reflecting the interdisciplinary research nature of INBT itself, Nano-Bio Magazine draws its content from every division and every academic level that the Institute serves. Writing and photography come from INBT staff and students participating in INBT supported programs. NanoBio Magazine is produced under the direction of Mary Spiro, INBT’s science writer and media relations director who serves as its editor-in-chief, and Martin Rietveld, INBT’s web director, who manages the magazine’s online presence and distribution.

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