ANIMATION – The Animation Studio at the Institute for NanoBioTechnology creates visualizations of scientific processes. Graduate and undergraduate students can learn more through the course “Animation in Nanotechnology and Medicine” which is taught in fall and spring.

This course involves the use of animation to visualize scientific processes in nanotechnology and medicine. Animation is becoming an increasingly important tool in both research and education, especially in fields such as nanobiotechnology that involve complex processes and occur at multiple length scales. Understanding of the subject matter is gained through interaction with faculty and graduate students in research groups in the Institute for NanoBioTechnology at Hopkins. The course follows the basic animation pipeline from concept to post production.

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor: Martin Rietveld. Email


Intern Positions

We have positions available in animation and motion graphic design. If you have experience with 3d animation and post production software, if you know how to operate a camera and tell a story visually, send an email to