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Animation Studio

Research at the Institute for NanoBiotechnology often takes place a length scale that’s too small for the bare eye to see. To visualize this research and help students and faculty tell the stories of their discoveries the INBT Animation Studio creates illustrations and animations.


For students at both the undergraduate and graduate level the following INBT course is available.

Animation for Nanotechnology and Medicine

This course involves the use of animation to visualize scientific processes in nanotechnology and medicine. Animation has become an increasingly important tool in both research and education, especially in fields such as nanobiotechnology that involve complex processes and occur at multiple length scales. Understanding of the subject matter is gained through interaction with faculty and graduate students in research groups in the Institute for NanoBioTechnology at Johns Hopkins. The course follows the basic animation pipeline from concept to post production.

  • permission of instructor required
  • available to JHU as well as MICA students


INBT researchers can take advantage of the services offered by the Animation Studio. Examples include,

  • illustrations for journal covers
  • table of content graphics
  • interior journal art
  • presentation graphics
  • instructional animations 

If you're interested direct your inquiry to Martin Rietveld,


We're always looking for talented people with a proficiency in visual story telling. Maybe your background is in video editing, gaming, digital art, or you work at the interface of programming and visualization. The INBT Animation Studio at Johns Hopkins University has a wide range of projects that allow you to sharpen your skill set in a professional environment. If you're interested let us know by sending an email with cover letter and portfolio to Martin Rietveld at



For questions about INBT's education programs contact: Camille Mathis / / 410-516-6572