Students Lead NanoBio Retreat

Four student presentations, as well as talks by affiliated faculty members, and a poster session highlighted the Oct. 18, fall retreat for the Institute for NanoBioTechnology at Johns Hopkins University. Student presenters included Janice Lin, W. Garrett Jenkinson, Ziqiu (Tommy) Tong and Lamia Wahba. Jenkinson, Lin, Tong, and Wahba are pre-doctoral fellows of INBT’s NanoBio IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship), funded by the National Science Foundation. The annual fall retreat gives students from INBT’s educational programs a chance to learn about one another’s research, hear presentations from INBT faculty experts, and network for potential collaborations. Michael Yu, associate professor of Materials Science and Engineering and INBT affiliated faculty member, gave the keynote presentation.

From left to right, Patrick Stahl, Adam Shelley and Janice Lin. Credit: Ashanti Edwards/JHU

Stephen Diegelmann talks with Alfredo Celedon during poster session at INBT’s fall retreat. Credit: Ashanti Edwards/JHU

Students presented research talks during INBT’s fall retreat. Credit: Ashanti Edwards/JHU

From left to right and from the back: Craig Copeland, Stephen Diegelmann, Terrence Dowbrowsky, Garrett Jenkinson, Peter Searson (INBT director), Jesse Placone, Adam Shelley, Patrick Stahl, Craig Schneider, Laura Ensign, Meghan Vellotti, Shyam Khatau, Denis Wirtz (INBT associate director/HHMI program director), Tommy Tong, Alfredo Celedon, Janice Lin, Matt Keuss, Lamia Wahba, Kate Stebe (IGERT program director), and Tania Chan Credit: Ashanti Edwards/JHU

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