INBT Affiliates to Present at Vascular Medicine Meeting

Several affiliated faculty members of the Institute for NanoBioTechnology will present during the Johns Hopkins Vascular Medicine Research Initiative Inaugural Conference on Monday, Sept. 24. The meeting will be held in the Owens Auditorium of the Johns Hopkins Cancer Center and begins at 8 a.m.

INBT-affiliated presenters are listed below. To learn about individual research programs, please click on a name. To contact these or any INBT-affiliated faculty member, please use the INBT Faculty Finder at

Jeff Bulte—Cell trafficking using magnetic resonance imaging
Sharon Gerecht—Engineering biomaterials for vascular differentiation and regeneration
Justin Hanes—Polymeric nanosystems for targeted drug and gene delivery
Aleksander Popel—Systems biology of angiogenesis: From molecules to therapy
Gregg Semenza—Regulation of ischemic-induced vascularization by HIF1

Johns Hopkins Vascular Medicine Research Initiative aims to bring a programmatic approach to vascular research at Johns Hopkins, facilitating interaction and growth within disciplines across all campuses, schools and departments, including research in nanobiotechnology.

For details on this event, click here.

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