Student Training

Student Spotlights

The Physical Sciences-Oncology Center boast different education programs for students. We work with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to host a summer intern in the CSBC/PS-ON Summer Research Program in Systems Biology and Physical Sciences.

Physical Sciences Oncology Network (PSON) Summer Interns
Jocelyn Hsu – 2021
Stephanie Lux – 2019

Sydney Connor – 2018

Mikaela Mallin –  Mikaela is studying the migratory potential of poly-aneuploid cancer cells.  She wants to see if PACCs can move further or faster throughout a patient’s body than normal cancer cells.

Laurie Kostecka – Laurie is interested in studying poly-aneuploid cancer cells (PACCs) metabolism and trying to find targets to kill them.

Inês Godet – Inês is interested in how hypoxia, a low or inadequate amount oxygen, in tumors affects breast cancer metastasis. She and her team think that the hypoxic environment in tumors may be conditioning cancer cells to survive metastasis.

Eugenia Volkova – Eugenia is studying cancer metastasis and sarcoma. She is looking at how changes in the extracellular matrix in cancer cells impact cancer metastasis.

Adrian Johnston – Adrian studies how the human body uses the immune system to fight cancer. He is trying to identify mutations in the immune system that prevents it from fighting cancer, and how to how to fix it.

Hasini Jayatilaka – (Alum) – Hasini studied the mechanisms that causes cancer cell metastasis. She also found a cocktail of drugs that slows and, in some cases, stops cancer from spreading.


Symposiums and Workshops

Women in Cancer Research Mini Seminar Series – Fall 2019
Speakers: Sarah Amend, Efie Kokkoli, and Aikaterini Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos

Summer Seminar Series 2019
Speakers: David Sebba, Warren Grayson, Christopher Jewell, Michael Tsapatsis, Jamie Spangler, and Gregory Carr

Women in Cancer Research Mini Seminar Series – Spring 2019
Speakers: Natalie Artzi, Daniele Gilkes, Stavroula Sofou, and Karin Eisinger

Summer Seminar Series 2018
Speakers: Dorothy Beckett, Silvia Muro, Kimberly Stroka, Ralph Hruban, Andrew Feinberg, Kelly Clark, Laura Wood, and Larry Nagahara

Summer Seminar Series 2017
Speakers: Taekjip “TJ” Ha, Nicholas Maragakis, Vipul Periwal, Jay Baraban, Jonathan Schneck, Justin Tarasaka, Jerry Lee, and Steven Jay

Women Researchers Roundtable – 2020
Speakers: Soojung Claire Hur, Daniele Gilkes, Tzipora Sarah Karin Eisinger, and Habben Desta (moderator)

Women Researchers Roundtable – 2019
Speakers: Sharon Gerecht and Tzipora Sarah Karin Eisinger

Nano-Bio Symposium – Advanced Biomanufacturing – 2018
Speakers: Alla Danilkovitch, John Fisher, Roger Kamm, John Rogers, Rebecca Schulman, and Jeff Wang

Nano-Bio Symposium – Engineering Vascularization – 2017
Speakers: David Cheresh, Zaver Bhujwalla, Shahin Rafii, Warren Grayson, Narutoshi Hibino, and David Kaplan