Thomas R. Pisanic II, PhD

Thomas R. Pisanic II, PhD
Epidiagnostics Group Investigator
Associate Research Professor
Break Through Cancer Scientist

Institute for NanoBioTechnology
Shaffer 200D
3400 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21218

Welcome to to the website of Dr. Thomas Pisanic and the Epidiagnostics Group at Johns Hopkins University! I work with the Wang laboratory and an interdisciplinary team of JHU researchers to gain deeper insight into the epigenetics of carcinogenesis and apply this knowledge toward the development of novel microfluidic molecular analysis platforms for cancer diagnostic applications. Our “epidiagnostics” team is comprised of faculty with a wide range of complementary expertise, including: Dr. Thomas Pisanic (epigenetics, biomarker discovery and assay development), Dr. Tza-Huei Wang (bioengineering and microfluidic technologies), Dr. Hari Easwaran (genetics and epigenetics of cancer and aging) and Dr. Leslie Cope (biostatistics and bioinformatics). Together, we work with numerous collaborators from Johns Hopkins and beyond to apply our epigenetic methods to resolve manifold challenges in various areas of cancer research.


May 16, 2023 Working to Detect Ovarian Cancer Earlier (INBT Press Release)
Apr 25, 2023 Break Through Cancer, A New Research Consortium, Names First Class of Scientists Designated as Catalysts for Innovation and Collaboration (BTC Press Release)
Jul 1, 2022 Dr. Pisanic appointed as Associate Research Professor at INBT with joint appointment in the SOM Department of Oncology.
Apr 22, 2022 Break Through Cancer Announces $50M in Grants to Support Team Science!
Mar 1, 2022 Dr. Pisanic appointed as Break Through Cancer Scientist!

selected publications

  1. Cancers
    Current and Emerging Methods for Ovarian Cancer Screening and Diagnostics: A Comprehensive Review
    Liberto, Juliane M., Chen, Sheng-Yin, Shih, Ie-Ming, Wang, Tza-Huei, Wang, Tian-Li, and Pisanic, Thomas R.
    Cancers, 2022
  2. Clin. Epigenetics
    Leveraging locus-specific epigenetic heterogeneity to improve the performance of blood-based DNA methylation biomarkers
    Miller, Brendan F.,  Pisanic, Thomas R., Margolin, Gennady, Petrykowska, Hanna M., Athamanolap, Pornpat, Osei-Tutu, Akosua, Annunziata, Christina M., Wang, Tza-Huei, and Elnitski, Laura
    Clinical Epigenetics, 2020
  3. Clin. Cancer Res.
    Methylomic Landscapes of Ovarian Cancer Precursor Lesions
    Pisanic, Thomas R., Wang, Yeh, Sun, Hanru, Considine, Michael, Li, Lihong, Wang, Tza-Huei, Wang, Tian-Li, and Shih, Ie-Ming
    Clinical Cancer Research, 2020
  4. Sci. Adv.
    Facile profiling of molecular heterogeneity by microfluidic digital melt
    O’Keefe, Christine M.,  Pisanic, Thomas R., Zec, Helena, Overman, Michael J., Herman, James G., and Wang, Tza-Huei
    Science Advances, 2018
  5. Nucleic Acids Res.
    DREAMing: a simple and ultrasensitive method for assessing intratumor epigenetic heterogeneity directly from liquid biopsies
    Pisanic II, Thomas R., Athamanolap, Pornpat, Poh, Weijie, Chen, Chen, Hulbert, Alicia, Brock, Malcolm V., Herman, James G., and Wang, Tza-Huei
    Nucleic Acids Research, 2015