PS-OC Welcomes 2021 Summer Intern

Every year, the PS-OC welcomes an undergraduate student in the NCI Systems Biology and Physical Oncology Summer program. Students spend 10-weeks away from their home university to engage in research projects that may not be available at their home university. They also participate in professional development training and networking while exploring the city of their host university. This year, the summer intern will work virtually from home. Meet our 2021 summer researcher, learn about her project, and follow them on social media.

Jocelyn Hsu 
Home University: Ohio State University
INBT Faculty Mentor: Denis Wirtz
INBT Graduate Student Mentor: Ashley Kiemen
Research Project: Developing a new tumor imaging method in 3D at single-cell resolution to study venous invasion in pancreatic cancer.
Social Media: Follow Hsu on LinkedIn.