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Engineering Vascularization – 2017 Nano-Bio Symposium

2017-inbt-symposium-posterEngineering Vascularization is the topic of the eleventh Johns Hopkins Nano-Bio Symposium. An amazing line-up of speakers will reveal what it’s like to explore the creation of blood vessel systems in lab-grown tissue. The presenters are:

  • Shahin Rafii, Cornell University
    Angiocrine Functions of Organotypic Endothelium in Regeneration and Tumorigenesis
  • David Cheresh, UCSD
    Reprogramming the Endothelium, an Initial Step in the Process of Angiogenesis
  • David Kaplan, Tufts
    Strategies for Vascularization of Biomaterial Systems for Tissue Regeneration
  • Narutoshi Hibino, JHU
    Challenge to Cardiovascular Disease Using 3D Printing and Tissue Engineering
  • Zaver Bhujwalla, JHU
    Imaging to Navigate the Tumor Microenvironment
  • Warren Grayson, JHU
    Platform Technologies for Engineering Vascularized Tissue Grafts

The day continues with a bustling poster session on a wide range of research topics. Students and researchers working in all aspects of nanobiotechnology are invited to participate.

The event, jointly orgazined by INBT and the Physical Sciences-Oncology Center, is free and open to the Johns Hopkins University community and select other academic institutions. A registration fee may apply to other attendees.

Visit to learn more.

May 5, 2017 from 9AM to 1230PM in the Owens auditorium at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus
followed by a poster session from 130PM to 330PM.

Story by: INBT
Published: March 20, 2017


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