Aldrich, Eric Neurology
Bakshi, Rahul Clinical Pharmacology Anti-infective drug development, trypanosomes, malaria, HIV
Barrow, Jim Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences medicinal chemistry; getting small molecules across the BBB
Bergles, Dwight Neuroscience astrocyte cell signaling; regulation of blood flow; vascular development
Bigos, Kristi Lieber Institute
Brem, Henry Neurosurgery Brain tumors
Bressler, Joseph KKI
Buchler, Ingrid Lieber Institute
Calabresi, Peter Neurology Multiple sclerosis
Dawson, Ted Neurology Neurodegenerative disease
DePasquale, Michael Lieber Institute
Dumler, Steve Pathology-Medical Microbiology
Farahani, Keyvan Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Imaging
Gerecht, Sharon Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering vascular differentiation & engineering; stem cells – pluripotent & adult; microfluidics for shear & hypoxic cues; biomaterials for delivery & diff.
Gottesman, Rebecca Neurology Vascular Dementia
Grab, Dennis Pathology-Medical Microbiology infectious diseases; african trypanosomes
Green, Jordan Biomedical Engineering – Cell & Tissue Engineering
Grossman, Stuart Oncology Center-Brain Cancer
Harvey, Vanessa Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
Haughey, Norman Neurology-Neuroimmunology & Neurological Infections biological membranes; neurodegenerative disease; lipidomic/ metabolite by mass spec
Holdhoff, Matthias Oncology Center
Hristova, Kalina Materials Science & Engineering bridging the BBB with designer peptides – vehicles for drug delivery
Huganir, Richard BSi/Neuroscience
Janowski, Mirek
Jimison, Leslie Applied Physics Laboratory
Kannan, Sujatha Pediatric Anesthesiology
Kleinberg, Larry Radiation Oncology & Molecular Radiation Sciences clinical problem of understanding how affects of therapy on BBB affect imaging & increase drug delivery
Koehler, Raymond Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine stroke; TBI; neurvascular coupling
Kupfer, Avi Cell Biology imaging of bacterial crossing of BBB in vitro; multidimensional imaging of the immune synapse
Laterra, John Neurology
Lee, Gabsang Neurology
Leigh, Rich Neurology – Cerebrovascular Medicine MRI quantification of BBB disruption using gadolincum based imaging; stroke; hemorrhage; vascular dementia; multiple sclerosis
Lutty, Jerry Ophthalmology
Mao, Hai-Quan Materials Science & Engineering artificial matrix; stem cell engineering; tissue engineering
Meyers, David Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences
Moghekar, Abhay Neurology in-vivo & in-vitro models of assessing BBB function; kinetics of BBB transport
Nyquist, Paul Professor of Neurology Neurological Critical Care, Neurology, Stroke
Ostrow, Lyle Neurology Astrocytes; Astrocyte-endothelial cell interactions; Endothelins; cellular mechanosensation
Ostrovska, Lyubov Johns Hopkins University SCiTerra brain/ cancer treatment
Ostrow, Lyle Neurology – Neuromuscular Medicine astrocytes; astrocyte-endothelial cell interactions; endothelins; cellular mechanosensation
Pardo-Villamizar, Carlos Neurology
Paredes, Daniel Lieber Institute
Pearl, Monica Interventional Neuroradiology Interested in optimizing uptake in the pons, specifically for the intra-arterial treatment of pontine gliomas in children. Expertise in neurovascular technical experience (i.e. intra-arterial, catheter based delivery, image guidance, etc.
Pomper, Martin Radiology – Neuroradiology Synthesizing imaging agents that are capable of reaching targets within the brain and the development of drugs that will enable chemotherapeutics and other agents to gain access to the CNS. We have developed a medium-throughput assay for inhibitors of the ABCG2 MDR pump and would like to test them in relevant models to see if any can enhance CNS access of compounds of interest.
Rojas, Camilo Brain Science Institute – NeuroTranslational Program
Rangaramanujam, Kannan Ophthalmology
Redmond, Kristin Radiology
Romer, Lew Anesthesiology & Pediatric Critical Care Medicine microvasculogenesis; endothelial cell-matrix adhesion; EC cytoskeleton and signaling; interactions between non-receptor tyrosine kinases and rho family GTPases; mechanotransduction in EC growth
Rothstein, Jeff Neurology-Neuromuscular Medicine
Savonenko, Alena Pathology
Searson, Peter Materials Science & Engineering physics of the BBB; engineered artificial brain capillary
Shapiro, Terry Medicine – Clinical Pharmacology African trypanosomes
Smith, Wanli Psychiatry
Spangler, Jamie Biomedical Engineering Protein engineering
Stins, Monique Neurology-Neuroimmunology & Neurological Infections BBB modeling; primary cell isolation; activation of microbes
Sumner, Charlotte Neurology and Neuroscience Genetic and molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders of motor neurons and peripheral nerves
Sun, Sean Mechanical Engineering mathematical modeling; intracellular & extracellular transport; role of molecular motors; cell biophysics
Tierney, Elaine Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences-Child Psychiatry (interest) lipids- cholesterol & apolipoproteins role in transport in BBB; (expertise) psychiatry, behavioral phonotyping/ description
Troncoso, Juan Pathology
Wahl, Richard Radiology/Nuclear medicine
Walczak, Piotr Radiology
Wang, Jian Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine intracerebral hemorrhage; neuroportection; BBB protection
Zink, Chris Molecular & Comparative Pathobiology intracerebral hemorrhage; neuroportection; BBB protection


Alnasser, Yossef Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Chu, Chengyan Walczak Lab Postdoc
Furmanski, Orion Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine blood-spinal cord barrier permiability & chromic pain/ remodeling after injury; (cardio)vascular remodeling in hypoxia & pulmonary hypertension; developed recombinant resistin family (especially HIMF/FIZZ) proteins
Hayes, Lindsay Molecular Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Jackson, Sadhana Neuro-Oncology & Brain Cancer Program
Jiang, Mali Psychiatry & Neuobiology neurodegeneration
Nance, Elizabeth Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Passeri, Eleonora Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences


Alkhunaizi, Fatimah Grad – Cognitive Science Microglia
Bogorad, Max Grad – Materials Science & Engineering
Campian, Jian Grad – Oncology Center-Hematology & Medical Oncology
DeStefano, Jackson Grad – Materials Science & Engineering In vitro microvessel models
Gallagher, Erin Grad – Materials Science & Engineering
Komin, Alex Grad – Materials Science & Engineering
Linville, Raleigh Grad – Biomedical Engineering 3D In vitro BBB microvessel models
Lorenzini, Ileana Grad – Neuroscience gliovascualr changes in ALS disease; 3D image reconstruction in mouse models of ALS
Shyam, Rishab Grad – Biomedical Engineering BBB Delivery
Tammia, Markus Grad – Materials Science & Engineering
Thakur, Kiran Grad – Neurology-Neuroimmunology & Neurological Infections
Tzeng, Stephany Grad – Biomedical Engineering
Xu, Zinnia Grad – Biomedical Engineering
Zhang, Clark Grad – Biomedical Engineering Nanoparticle delivery through BBB and brain tissue for treatment of central nervous system diseases
Zhang, Elena (Zhi) Grad – Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine neuroscience


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