Poster Session Guidelines

Where and when is the poster session?

The poster session will be held on Friday, May 4 in the Glass Pavillion at the Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus. INBT and our sponsors provide exciting prizes for our poster session participants, and we know you will not want to miss out!

Which research topics are appropriate for presentation at the poster session?

Nanobiotechnology is a multidisciplinary field, therefore research from medicine, engineering, public health and the basic sciences are all relevant topics for presentation at this symposium. You will be contacted by INBT regarding your poster ONLY if it is determined NOT to be appropriate for presentation.

How big should my poster be?

The dimensions of your poster should be NO LARGER than 4’ wide by 4’ tall, and smaller is better. You will be assigned a location number for your poster. Please post your poster only in your assigned spot. Posters not in their assigned spot will not be judged.

What should I expect during the poster session?

Judging will begin promptly at the start of the session (time TBA). You will be assigned to stand by your poster to answer questions during either A session or B session. You, or a representative from your research group, must stand by your poster during your assigned judging time. If someone is not representing your research when the judges come by, you will be disqualified from judging. During the time you are not required to stand by your poster, you are encouraged to visit other presenters’ posters.


All submissions after April 19, 2018 are subject to INBT approval.

Register online and submit your poster title here.

If you have questions about the poster session contact Martin Rietveld at