Poster Session Guidelines

Where and when is the poster session?

The poster session will be held on Friday, May 3rd in the Glass Pavilion at the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. INBT and our sponsors provide exciting prizes for our poster session participants. You don't want to miss out. 

Which research topics are appropriate at the poster session?

Nanobiotechnology is a multidisciplinary field, therefore research from medicine, engineering, public health, medicine, and the basic sciences are all relevant topics. You will be contacted by INBT regarding your poster it is determined that your poster is NOT appropriate for the topic.

What are the poster requirements?

1.  You are sharing poster board space with another presenter, therefore your poster cannot be LARGER than 4’ wide x 4’ tall, and smaller is better.

2. You must be listed as an author on your poster. 

3. Posters must be registered by April 19, 2019. 

4. Your poster will be assigned a number location. Please post your poster only in your assigned spot.

Failure to follow all of these rules may result in disqualification of the poster competition. 

What should I expect during the poster session?

Judging and the poster session will begin promptly as stated in the symposium agenda. You will be assigned to present in either the A session or B session. You must stand by your poster during your assigned time. During the time you are not required to stand by your poster, you are encouraged to visit other presenters’ posters.


Please ensure you are using the most recent university, center, or institute logos on your posters. If you need INBT-related logos, please contact Gina Wadas, INBT Science Writer, at