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Diagnostic Tools Engineered for Early Detection

It is no secret that time is an important variable to effectively treat diseases. The earlier diseases are diagnosed the earlier treatment can begin. Delays in diagnose can have grave effects on patient outcomes. Researchers at INBT are working on developing new technologies and tools that can rapidly diagnose and treat diseases.

Scientists and engineers are creating novel technologies and tools that can diagnose and treat diseases quickly and with very small sample sizes. For example, engineers use devices that mimic the body’s tissue structures and functions, known as lab-on-a-chip. Lab-on-a-chip technology allows researchers to better understand disease process, as well a pre-screen potential drugs. They are also creating devices that work with smartphones to diagnose disease in the clinic or at the bedside with just a single sample droplet.

Solving technical challenges is what engineers do best. Doctors need sensitive, rapid ways to detect diseases. Such accuracy could mean the difference between sickness and health and will help physicians choose the most effective treatments.

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