Computational Core

The computational core provides theory and modeling hands-on expertise to all of the projects in the Johns Hopkins PS-OC. The computational core develops user-friendly software packages for assisting data collection, as well as Matlab routines and software for running simulations by non-experts. Tutorials on modeling concepts, modeling results, and developed software are conducted at center-wide retreats as well as center symposia twice a year. All of the developed software packages are available to researchers in the Johns Hopkins PS-OC, as well as to the larger community.

The computational core has three aims:
  • To develop a 3D computational framework for simulating single-cell migration simultaneously with reaction-diffusion-advection equations for complex biochemical signaling pathways
  • To construct a computational platform for simulating discrete numbers of interacting motile cells and to incorporate key physical parameters as well as coarse-grained modeling of biochemical signaling pathways
  • To bridge the gap from discrete models of single cells to 3D continuum algorithms for simulating the migration of multicellular groups
The Computational Core is headed up by Sean Sun (JHU, Mechanical Engineering) and Charles Wolgemuth (University of Arizona)