NIH Updates

    Discontinuation of NCI’s Omnibus R21 funding opportunity

PAR-13-146 for the current Omnibus R21 is expired as of September 5th, 2015.. PAR-15-340 is its replacement and has a single due date of November 10th, 2015. This new announcement will expire on November 11th with no intent to extend. However, there will be no changes for anyone who is currently funded under the PAR-13-146 opportunity. Additionally, NCI still participates in other announcements that use the R21 mechanism.

Please continue to use the Advanced Search feature of the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts to determine if any FOAs are appropriate.

    New Biosketch Requirements

As of May 25, 2015– NIH requires new biosketch formats.

The new biosketch includes:

  • New 5 page limit
  • Section C: Contributions to Science
  • Description of upto 5 most significant contributions to science
  • Historical background that framed research
  • relevant peer-reviewed publications or other non-publication research products, including audio or video products; patents; data and research materials; databases; educational aids or curricula; instruments or equipment; models; protocols; and software or netware that are relevant to the described contribution

Example of New Biosketch for faculty
Instructions for New Biosketch for fellowships, R36 grants and diversity supplements
Example of New Biosketch for Predocs
Example of New Biosketch for Postdocs

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