INBT brings together faculty, physicians, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to create new knowledge and technology at the interface of nanoscience and medicine.

Blood-Brain Barrier Working Group

Center for Digital Pathology

Cancer Engineering

INBT faculty members are addressing key scientific questions and developing new diagnostic tools and new therapies for many medical conditions, especially cancer. To that end, INBT has established two research centers:

Physical Sciences-Oncology Center

With a major National Cancer Institute grant, INBT established the Physical Sciences-Oncology Center in 2009. PS-OC researchers combine biophysical, biochemical, biological, engineering, and computational approaches to gain insight into the cellular, molecular, and physical mechanisms underlying the conditions that lead to metastasis. This knowledge will allow scientists, engineers and physicians to identify new pathways for therapies.

Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence

In 2010 through a major grant from the National Cancer Institute, INBT established the Johns Hopkins Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE). The goal of the CCNE is to combine nanotechnology-based diagnostic and therapeutic tools for comprehensive cancer care. Furthermore, CCNE researchers proactively seek ways to quickly move Hopkins laboratory generated innovations from clinical trials to bedside.