R01 Basics

What is an R01 grant?

R01 grants are the oldest type of grant used by NIH and are often sought by early stage investigators. It is generally designed to provide support for a particular project that may need some preliminary data. R01 grants can have support for up to 5 years and $500,000 in direct costs per year. However, if there is a possibility that greater than $500,000 in direct costs are needed then you will need the Program Officer’s permission in advance before applying.

What can I charge to an R01?
R01s generally allow the following type of costs:

Salary and fringe for personnel including PI, key personnel and other personnel
Lab materials and supplies
Contractual Services
Patient Costs
Animal Costs

Other things to know:

-R01s are allowed to be renewed through a competitive renewal process after the 5 year period is up.
-Supplements and Amendments are allowed for R01 grants
-It may also be helpful to get input from a more experienced investigator and the NIH contact that will -likely decide funding possibilities of application.

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