Anyone can support the ongoing research efforts of INBT faculty and students. The current state of government sponsored funding remains volatile. Therefore, we count on a variety of funding sources to maintain our momentum toward solving some of the major health challenges facing humanity. Any size donation is welcome, and without the support of individuals like you, we could not carry on our mission to its full potential.

How to give is up to you:

• You can sponsor the purchase of equipment

• You can support a student fellowship

• You can fund your preferred research project or even a center

• You can make a general donation and let us put your money where it is needed most

Can we count on your support?

Making a charitable donation to INBT or one of its centers (PS-OC, CCNE) is easy. Make your check out to Institute for NanoBioTechnology and mail to

Institute for NanoBioTechnology
100 Croft Hall
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

You can also give to INBT online. We use Johns Hopkins’ secure online form. To make sure your gift is designated to us, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the form:
  2. In the box “Please designate my gift to support…” select “other (please specify)
  3. Where asked to “Please describe…”  type “Institute for NanoBioTechnology”
  4. Then just complete the form and submit.

Thank you!