All students must complete all course requirements of their home department.  Below are the additional and required courses that our graduate students must take:

*020.686** Advanced Cell Biology 3
*670.619** Fundamental Physics and Chemistry of Nanomaterials (Fall) 3
*670.621** NanoBio Laboratory (Spring) 3
*670.609** Communication for Scientist and Engineers (Summer) 1
670.615 Introduction to NanoBio Tutorials I (Fall) 1
670.616 Introduction to NanoBio Tutorials II (Spring) 1
670.618 NanoBio Tutorials I (Fall) 1
670.628 NanoBio Tutorials II (Spring) 1
670.620+ Fundamental Laboratory Principles of Nanobiotechnology 1
670.622 Advanced NanoBio Tutorials I (Fall) 1
670.623 Advanced NanoBio Tutorials II (Spring) 1
670.624 NanoBio Tutorials: Special Topics I (Fall) 1
670.625 NanoBio Tutorials: Special Topics II (Spring) 1

Note: Course substitutions can be made under exceptional circumstances with the approval of the program director.

Note: The Certificate of Advanced Study in Nanobiotechnology requires 13 lecture/tutorial/laboratory courses along with at least eight semesters of research from the home department.

* All participating departments have approved these three courses to count towards the elective requirement for the PhD
**These courses plus (670.617 – CNTC tutorials) are for Cancer Engineering Predoctoral Fellows.
+ No longer a prerequisite for 670.621 and the 1 credit course can be substituted