Co-Operative (Co-Op) Education Program

To broaden the practical training for Master of Science and Engineering (MSE) students in the Whiting School of Engineering, INBT is partnering with major industry partners in a pilot program, offering a Co-Op opportunity to incoming MSE students in the Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering programs.

Each accepted student will be assigned a faculty advisor and a research advisor/mentor at the sponsoring company. We expect the company to develop a list of goals and development objectives for the student. During the Co-Op period, students will meet with the INBT academic advisor every 6 weeks for progress updates. The Co-Op duration ranges from 6 to 9 months. 

At the end of the Co-Op internship, the student will complete, submit, and present an essay based on their research experience. 


  • Selected students can use this practical training experience to fulfill part of their MSE requirements in lieu of completing a research essay on campus.  
  • Students enrolled in this INBT Co-Op option will have a unique opportunity to obtain industry experience with a leading company and gain a broad technical background in disciplines such as operations, pilot plants, safety and environmental management or regulatory affairs. 
  • Financial compensation.

Who Should Apply:

  • New or incoming master’s students in Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Currently, the program is only open to US citizens and permanent residents.


To apply, please send the following to Camille Mathis at  

  • Resume (suitable for forwarding to the corporate participant).
  • Cover letter- explaining why you are interested in the program.
  • Two to 3 professional reference letters.

Applicants will be interviewed and evaluated by the INBT program committee members and, if accepted, will be matched with a corporate sponsor. The company will have the right to accept or reject individual candidates.

We are currently accepting applications for summer co-op placements through May 5, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the Co-Op?

The Co-Op program lasts 6 to 9 months.

Where can I learn about possible projects and Co-Op sites/industry partners?

Contact the Director of Corporate Partnerships, Tom Fekete at

When should I participate?

Students cannot participate in a Co-Op in their first or last semesters. 

How should I organize my coursework around the Co-Op?

Coursework should be taken in the first and last semesters of your master’s program. Planning your coursework with your advisor is strongly recommended.

Will I be paid for my work in the Co-Op program?

Students are paid as a full-time staff member of the corporate sponsor during the Co-Op period.

Will I have to pay tuition while in the Co-Op program?

Yes, students will need to pay 10% of tuition costs to be a non-resident student while in the Co-Op program.

Additional questions?

Please contact Tom Fekete at