CANCER ENGINEERING PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP – Work with experts in cancer biology, molecular and cellular biophysics, applied mathematics, materials science, and physics to study and model cancer cell motility and the assorted biophysical forces involved in the metastatic process.

  • full tuition support and health insurance
  • PhD from participating departments such as biomedical engineering, materials science, and physics
  • co-advised by faculty experts from outside of your specialty as well as from within
  • work in a variety of lab settings and build collaborative skills

Program Requirements

After two 6-week rotations in the labs of participant faculty, the students embark on co-advised research in nanotechnology for cancer medicine. Students take two core courses and one lab course. They learn alongside other INBT-sponsored students in cross disciplinary journal clubs. To enhance their graduate experience, they attend professional development seminars and present research at the annual Nano-Bio Symposium.

Fellows are given the opportunity to participate in research collaborations with industry partners.

We are not accepting applications at this time.