Justin Galloway


Justin Galloway studied with Peter Searson and Peter Devreotes. Photo by Mary Spiro.

Justin Galloway (PhD, Materials Science and Engineering) has started working for a recently launched start up company called Twistnostics, which was founded by another former INBT affiliate Alfredo Celedon. They are looking to manipulate the unique properties of DNA for biodetection and possible point-of-care diagnostics.

“The program gave me lofty ideas about what could and should be accomplished in graduate school.  With so many excellent faculty members, postdocs and other graduate students available to collaborate with and seek advice from it made setting lofty goals seem attainable. I think it also made these discussions more exciting because ideas from different perspective often generated unique solutions.  Science performed by scientists is often narrow in scope and focus.  Different fields often speak totally different languages and the opportunity for collaboration is often lost in the disconnect.  Doing graduate work in both a biology lab and material science really made me appreciate how important it is just learning to communicate. I think the people I met were the best benefit of INBT. Interacting with people from the medical school and other engineering and natural science disciplines was a unique experience that I think more graduate students should have. INBT participated in the USA Science and Engineering Festival in 2010 on the National Mall.  We interacted with a lot of kids, and it was exciting to see how excited these kids were doing simple science experiments.  Likewise, I think INBT let me be a little kid for a few years and do fun and exciting cutting edge science.