Janice Lin

Copyright 2011 by Marty Katz

Janice Lin, center, with her advisers, Kalina Hristova, left, and Peter Searson, right. Photo by Marty Katz.

Janice Lin (PhD, Materials Science and Engineering) works as a senior engineer for Becton Dickinson. She is currently at BD Biosciences in San Jose, Calif., but spent the last two years was at BD Medical in Sandy, Utah.

“I didn’t feel that the program made anything more challenging, rather it gave me the opportunity to see what other students in other departments were doing. I really liked learning about that because it opened up doors for potential collaborations, but also it  just simply provided me more exposure to the different types of research being conducted. Just having two professors’ inputs and opinions on how research should be conducted and writing papers alongside them was invaluable. Everybody has a different take on it, but working with two professors with excellent publications records and seeing how they approach research (however differently) was something I greatly appreciated. As for nonacademic benefits: extra money for supplies?  Sorry, but seeing the wealth of free Apple laptops surely made other grad students envious. There really wasn’t that much more work associated with being in INBT, certainly for me nothing to complain about.  I thought the extra courses were interesting and sometimes really fun (the video course!).