Symposium speakers 2015: Piotr Walczak

Neuro X is the title and theme for the May 1 symposium hosted by Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology. The event kicks off with a continental … [Read More...]

Not actual DNA origami.

Nanodevices built with DNA origami

Did you know DNA could be used for origami? The precise control and organization of nanoscale devices has shown a great potential for … [Read More...]


Prizes offered for top poster presenters

We need your posters! INBT's annual symposium theme relates to neuroscience, but posters on any multidisciplinary topic are encouraged. Submission … [Read More...]


Are there problems with the peer-review process?

The pathway to publication is littered with checkpoints, reviews, and rejections. Before your paper is accepted it is read and reviewed with a few … [Read More...]

INBT Mini Symposium 2015 Poster 2 (1)

Hanes to be keynote speaker for student symposium

Justin Hanes, PhD, director of the Center for Nanomedicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and affiliated faculty member of the Institute for … [Read More...]


Nano-bio lab course: MAPs and CD

Editor’s note: Over the next several days, we will share the student impressions of some of the techniques learned in INBT’s nano-bio laboratory … [Read More...]

Corneal transplant

Nanoparticle-based medicine prevents rejection in corneal implants

Of the 48,000 corneal transplants performed each year in the United States, 10 percent result in rejection because of poor medicine compliance. A … [Read More...]


How firefly research helped gene therapy

Sometimes on a calm summer or fall night, one is able to observe the beautiful dance of blinking fireflies. Scientists began to explore mechanisms to … [Read More...]

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