Apply now to conduct research in Belgium

Are you an undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins in a science or engineering major who wants to study abroad? Johns Hopkins Institute for … [Read More...]

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Combo treatment harnesses immune system to fight skin cancer

By combining two treatment strategies, both aimed at boosting the immune system's killer T cells, Johns Hopkins researchers report they lengthened the … [Read More...]


Betenbaugh research seeks better control of antibody production

Antibodies are blood proteins created by the immune system in response to a certain antigen. Antibodies have become the chief component in myriad … [Read More...]


MedImmune drug delivery expert to talk

Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology hosts Anand Subramony of MedImmune, who will present a one-house lecture/seminar on Friday, November 18 … [Read More...]


Undergraduate symposium showcases multidisciplinary research

Undergraduate students affiliated with Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology (INBT) laboratories hosted their annual research symposium on Nov … [Read More...]


Undergraduate symposium showcases ‘frontiers in medicine’

Johns Hopkins Institute for Nanobiotechnollgy's Undergraduate Research Symposium, presented by the INBT Undergraduate Research Leadership, is … [Read More...]

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Nanofiber technology rebuilds soft tissue damage

Patients with soft tissue damage will experience dramatic improvements with LifeSprout Tissue Regenerative Matrix (TRM). Hai-Quan Mao (Professor, … [Read More...]


Cell Dynamics in Health and Disease symposium

The Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences, Center for Cell Dynamics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine presents the symposium “Cell Dynamics in … [Read More...]

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