Research Remix calls for posters

Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center (DMC) is inviting artists and researchers to collaborate on works of visual art that expand on the theme of the original science. The goal of the project is to make research more accessible and engaging to the public.

research-remix-draft-feature1To begin the collaboration process students, staff or faculty are asked to submit posters (presumably ones you don’t need anymore) to the DMC, located in the Mattin Center on the Homewood campus. The posters will be used as source material and to be reimagined and re-interpreted by a group of visual artists, including some artists from MICA. The posters and the ideas they present could be visualized as an illustration, painting, sculpture, computer animation or something else entirely.

Both researchers and artists are needed for this project, which begins now. During the visualization process, artists and researchers will meet to discuss the poster content and the resulting artist’s interpretation. The meet-and-greet will take place in February 2015. The project will culminate in April 2015 with a gallery exhibition at JHU.

Read more about this project at this link. If you are interested in participating in the DMC’s Research Remix send an email to and put REMIX in the subject line.

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