INBT postdoc launches new UMD College Park lab

Kimberly Stroka is busy winding up her postdoctoral training in the chemical and biomolecular engineering laboratory of Professor and Department Chair Konstantinos Konstantopoulos at Johns Hopkins University. She was affiliated with  the Institute for NanoBioTechnology (INBT) and the Johns Hopkins Physical Sciences-Oncology Center.

Dr. Kim Stroka

Dr. Kim Stroka

But starting in January 2015, Dr. Stroka will return to her graduate alma mater to launch her Cell and Microenvironment Engineering Lab at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Stroka earned her PhD in bioengineering from UMCP in 2011. Dr. Stroka is looking for graduate students (and others) who would be interested in joining her lab.

She summarizes her laboratory research goals below:

“Our research lies at the interface of cell engineering, nano/microtechnology, and quantitative mechanobiology, and integrates principles and techniques from engineering, biology, and physics in order to address questions related to physiological processes and diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Our goal is to utilize this highly interdisciplinary approach in order to create relevant in vitro models of multi-scale biological systems (from intracellular signaling to single cell behavior to multicellular complexes), to understand how cells respond to physical and biochemical cues from their microenvironment, and to develop regenerative therapies for diseases using engineering strategies. We are particularly interested in questions at the interface of nano/microtechnology and blood-brain barrier mechanobiology, nuclear mechanics, and stem cell engineering.”

Please visit Dr. Stroka’s laboratory website site for more details:

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