Hopkins Faculty Affiliated with INBT Receive Recognition

Hai-Quan Mao

Hai-Quan Mao, Johns Hopkins University assistant professor of materials science and engineering and affiliated faculty member of the Institute for NanoBioTechnology received a $500,000 National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award, given in recognition of young scientists’ commitment to research and education. The award offers $100,000 each year for five years. One aspect of Mao’s research centers on creating nanofiber scaffolds that mimic the topography and biochemical cues found in the extracellular matrix—that is, the “basement“ membrane that provides structure and support to cells. This CAREER award supports his research in how these nanofiber scaffolds can serve to direct and control the adhesion and growth of neural stem cells. The ultimate goal of this work, Mao says, could lead “stem cell-based regenerative therapies, particularly for treating degenerative diseases and traumatic injuries of the central nervous system.“

Howard E. Katz

Johns Hopkins Professor of materials science and engineering and INBT affiliate Howard E. Katz recently was honored with title of inaugural Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS). He was one of 34 distinguished scholars who received this lifetime designation. The title of MRS fellow honors its members who are notable for their distinguished research accomplishments and their outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials research, worldwide. The official presentation took place, March 26 at the 2008 Spring Meeting of the MRS in San Francisco, Calif. Katz was lauded “for introducing multifunctional organic materials into electronic and optical devices including transistors and electro-optic modulators; for innovation in materials synthesis; and for serving the materials community through society leadership, editorship, and government outreach.“ Katz has served on the MRS board from 2000 to 2005 and will assume the Presidency of the International Union of Materials Research Societies in 2009. He leads the Congressional Visit Days and is an Associate Editor of the MRS Journal of Materials Research.

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