Cellular and Molecular Dynamics – Winning Proposals Announced

After soliciting and reviewing proposals in one of INBT’s core research areas, Cellular & Molecular Dynamics, INBT recently awarded a total of $75,000 in seed funding, or $25,000 for each project, to three multi-disciplinary research teams at Johns Hopkins. The awards will jumpstart new investigations into nanobiotechnology.

Winning Proposals:

1) Andre Levchenko (Biomedical Eng) and Jin Zhang (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) “Nano- and micro-scale analysis of PKA regulation of cell locomotion”

2) Y. C. Lee (Biology), Hai-Quan Mao (Materials Science & Eng) and Shau-Ku Huang (Medicine) “Glyco-nanoparticles targeting dendritic cells for enhanced immune tolerance”

3) Chien-Fu Hung (Pathology) and Justin Hanes (Chemical Eng) “Polymeric nanoparticle drug delivery systems for the development of an immunogenic ovarian tumor cell-based vaccine”

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