Over 100 Faculty Now Affiliated with INBT

The Institute for NanoBioTechnology now has 118 affiliated faculty members from the following Johns Hopkins institutions: School of Medicine, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Whiting School of Engineering, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Applied Physics Laboratory. All members have listings in the searchable INBT faculty expertise database.Thirty-four faculty have become affiliated INBT members since the fall semester began. Johns Hopkins faculty working in nano-biotechnology areas who are interested in being added to the INBT database should send an email to webmaster@inbt.jhu.edu.

The Institute for NanoBioTechnology, established May 2006 at Johns Hopkins University, aims to revolutionize health care by bringing together internationally-renowned expertise in medicine, engineering, the sciences, and public health to create new knowledge and groundbreaking technologies.

The INBT website provides a number of resources, including the faculty expertise database, links to new federal funding opportunities, a university-wide course database, a facilities database, and more. INBT members also have the opportunity to submit nano-biotechnology related grant proposals through INBT. For more information about proposals, contact Sue Porterfield, INBT Administrator, at sporterfield@jhu.edu or (410) 516-3423.

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